Innovation consortium BIOFORS

Innovation consortium BIOFORS

Bacteria-related infections, growing in so-called biofilms on medical equipment during use, is a major problem for hospitalized patients and is associated with high costs for the healthcare system. Increase in the number of senior citizens as well as growing micro organism resistance towards antibiotics emphasizes the problem even further.

The primary goal of BIOFORS is development of innovative solutions for medical tubing, primarily using controlled release of UV light, but also through surface modifications. Minimizing biofilm formation on the inner surface of medical tubing will lead to reduced risk of patient infection and related health problems, thus resulting in huge savings for the healthcare system.

In the consortium, this overall challenge will be addressed by using a rare combination of key competences within the telecommunication, polymer and medico industry. BIOFORS consists of partners across both the public and private sector as well as across research, development and production together in one interdisciplinary, international collaboration.

Project start Feb. 2014. Duration 3½ years.

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BIOFORS is a partnership between companies, universities and knowledge institutions, 10 partners in total.

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This project is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark, which invests in the development of new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark. The Fund focuses on societal challenges, strengthens research and increases innovation commitment within private companies.


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